Monday, January 13, 2014

In Juarez at Last

We finally got word from Gabe that he has arrived in Juarez.  Here is what he said:

Hey, so that guy at the airport was from Alpine and he got me lunch.  (Editor's note:  This was the guy who sent us the picture of Gabe at the airport in the previous post.) My trip was fun and guess who I met and gave a passalong card to?! Darrell from "The OFFICE"! The black guy that works in the basement. Tell Graham. He's cool and nice. I haven't seen Elder Vital's mom. Juarez is nice. It's way different. Sometimes its scary. At night it's creepy but we're fine and in a nicer area. The place I live is awesome. My companion is awesome. His name is elder Ayala.  He is from Mexico City.  You can send mail to 700 N. Zaragosa- North 188, El Paso, Texas 79907.  It's safer and better. I'll get everything. Our president goes once a week to El Paso to get the mail. I don't have much time.  Also I have to pay to use the computer and I don't have much with me now so I'll email you guys next week first thing, and bring more pesos. I love it here. It's awesome. Different but awesome. I'm safe and great. I'm with my elders from the MTC. They are doing ok. I got to go but I'll email you next week and send more pictures next week as well. Have a great week. Bye.
Elder Castleton

Gabe also sent a few pictures from his first few days in Juarez.

My apartment

This is my companion. He calls the broom his Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter haha. He is funny.

A Church

There are lots of dogs everywhere on the streets and even on top of the houses. Some are mean and some aren't.

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