Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trials of Faith

So, hello everybody!!!  How yall duin?!?!?!  This week has been strange and sad. It has been a good week first.  Got in a bunch of lessons.

So first off, since I'm in these little pueblos, or in other words little towns, we have a church bus to go get the members for church.  So we go with one of the councilors to gather the members.  We went last Sunday to get a less active, his name is Guadalupe. I went and knocked on his door.  He said not for another week.  I invited him to come and felt bad he didn’t wanna come.  He is less active and has smoking problems. He's been a member for a few years.  A couple days later he passed away. I felt bad.  Last person to invite him to church.  I felt a love for that guy.  We went to his funeral and it was strange.  Mexicans throw these strange funerals and a huge party after with beer and other stuff I won't say.  So we had to leave.  Bishop took us home.

Also what happened is Elder Brown, my companion, his grandpa died.  He told me in our other area in Juarez he wanted his grandpa to live so he could return to see him again. He knew he had some problems with health. That’s why he was worried. The thing is, he didn’t act sad at all.  Obviously, we know why and he knows where he is and all, but still, it's a testimony builder for me.  That we will live once again with our family.  And yes, he is a member. So that was a testimony builder. Elder Brown still is working strong and no excuses for him.

I am happy and doin good. I just keep movin. Please pray for us down here.  I love you so much. I am just following through with the work.  Thanks.  Love you All!

Elder Castleton

Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Q&A

1. What are your favorite hymns in Spanish?

My favorite hymns in Spanish are Conmigo quédate, Señor.  In English it is something like Abide With Me Tis Eventide, something like that. And Santos Avanzad  (Press Forward, Saints).  I love all but haha, yea, we sing the hymns all the days.

2. How are your allergies,  and how are you holding up in the heat?  Do you have the allergy meds you need?

I don’t have allergies here. I guess its just a blessing haha. :)
(Note from Chuck:  This really is a great blessing because Gabe had very bad hay fever in the summers in Utah and we were worried that he would suffer with it on his mission.)

Sick Companion

Hello everybody!  So this week was pretty chill.  Elder Brown was sick from some throat infection.  So he got sick on Tuesday night and now he's just recovering.  So basically we stayed inside all those days.  I had lot of time to study lots of stuff.  I feel the spirit very strong as I study.  That's basically all we did.  So I also practiced rolling my R's and now I can do it.  It only took one day!!!  My companion can't do it either, haha.  So now I'm having fun with all the words and I sound even more Mexican!  haha.  Not really, my voice is the same.

I made a few duck tape flower pens and gave them to some investigators and also a wallet. They loved them and they've never seen anything like it, they said.  haha. So that was cool. It has rained a lot here the past few days.  This is good but the bad thing is it floods everywhere, like insane.  Also it gets humid and it's worse in the heat than normal.  So yea, it's not as fun as it seems. 

So anyone have any questions?  All is good.  Just takin it lil by lil.  I continue to pray for all of you.  I hope all is well.  I miss you all.  I haven't taken many pictures but I'll post some more when I get more pics. Hope you all have a wonderful week!   Love you all.

Elder Castleton

Difficult Week

I don't got much time today. We're in a bit of a rush, but I am glad all is good. This week has been eh, so so. Some things are falling, idk why.  Found out some pretty jacked up stuff this week.  We had to drop lots of people. Found out some of these people, our investigators, were part of You Know What.  So we had to let them go.  It just seems so wicked here, more and more, idk why.  Found out too that lots of the members just aren't completing with anything and they just don't care much.  For example, one argued with us about taking tea.  We told them in a nice, loving manner but they refuse.  Idk.  It just seems like lots of things are falling down hill. Lots of our appointments fell and we haven't had much success now.  I'm praying, fasting and keeping a good attitude and lovin the people.  Actually, what we came up with to help the kids and other people come is I wanna make a few duck tape flower pens and wallets when I have time at the house.  In the night I have like 1 hour every night for whatever, so that helps.  We're gonna see if they have colored duck tape in the store here.  It's like a Mexican Walmart called Soriana. Its legit.  haha Well, I love you all.  I miss you mom and love you. Your always in my prayers.  Love you all.  I hope all is well with you guys.  Lets keep pressing forward. :)  Love you all. 
Elder Castleton
​So this lady in our ward made these things with the soda things on top. that you can pop off. They're awesome! She made these.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Pictures

Gabe has been having fun with his camera lately.  Here are some more pictures.


Right over that dirt hill lies the fence of the border between us and you guys.

I love this breakfast

The writing says "I believe in God like the blind believes in the sun, not because he sees it rather that he feels it".

This woman in our ward, her sons caught these foxes. So cool!

​We sing hymns while we're walking a lot