Sunday, September 28, 2014

Picture Day!

More pictures from Gabe.

Some flowers that I've made for the people

This is Juarez and the moon!!  We are by the border.  The yellow lights in the distance are El Paso!  We are leaving the chapel to go wait for the bus to Caseta.

This lady is basically American.  She served a mission in Texas and speaks English and always makes us food from the US.  She's awesome!  She's like an American grandma.  haha

This is the lady that you send the packages to - Maribel.


This family are our investigators.


This family, the dad speaks English.  He's so cool.

This family are recent converts.  They're awesome!

This is Alex and he helps us with the youth.  He's a good Mormon boy, haha.

This is our little district, but today there are gonna be new elders and yea, its cool. haha
It was this little girl's birthday in the ward and we went to her house to celebrate and also it was our day to eat at their house. She is so funny! haha

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Feeling the Spirit

Hey!  How is everybody doin?  I hope all is good.  How has your week been?  I had an awesome week.  One reason is because we felt the spirit a ton this week.  It has been with us just in every lesson.  One lesson we taught a family and watched "The Testaments" and when we finished all the people were crying and the spirit was soooo strong.  Every lesson has been much better.  Also, talking to new people has been awesome, too, and much more relaxed.  It has stormed a lot, and one was sooo big it was scary, and the lightning struck like a few feet from our house and it was sooo loud we popped out of bed and ahhh!!  I thought I had died and tried to catch my breath.  I've never heard lighting so loud.  I've heard it loud, but this was like loud, loud, strong lighting thunder.  But it's all good.  How is everybody doing?  I wanna hear - what’s new over there?  Is it hot over there?

Elder Castleton

This is my friend Gilbert.

Us in the middle of nowhere, Literally, we walked where there is nothing. It was a fun adventure.

Staying Put

Hello everybody.  This week has been a great week!  Also, this week we have transfers, but I'm not transferring.  Neither is my companion, so we're staying in Caseta still.  I love it out here. I will have 6 months here in Caseta when we have transfers again in 6 weeks.  Time is flying by. 

Also, I've made some pen flowers (pens with flowers made from duck tape) and it's crazy famous here.  Well, I mean everybody loves them and they're goin crazy, haha.  It gets them excited and I've given some to the kids as they are assisting the church and lots of them wanna know how to make them.  I have felt a lot better here and love the members here.  they're awesome and when they heard we might have transfers, they were like crying and didn’t want me to leave, haha.  

I have some fotos but I forgot my plug in thing to connect it, so next week, hopefully. We are getting tons and tons of missionaries and lots of sister missionaries.   I think after this transfer I'll return to Juarez to train the other new missionaries.  Us missionaries that have more time out, we are few and we're outnumbered by the new missionaries.  Tuesday there will arrive 30 new missionaries.  It's crazy, and the next transfers even more, is what we're hearing.  They're opening new areas as well. 

Well, I don't have much time today to write but I'll bring the connector next time and show you the fotos.  I love you all and hope all is well.  Keep goin and don't get discouraged.  Love everybody.  Spread the good news.  Hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Castleton