Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Pictures

Gabe sent us some more pictures.  Here they are.

Some gifts and treats I got

Elder Vital likes to barricade the door at night so people don't break in hahah. I think its funny. He doesn't but i do. So, yea, it makes me laugh every night cause some nights he rushes to the door and like BOOM plops the chair right up against the door. hahahahah it's so funny.

A Christmas party we had last week

Early Christmas Present!!!

Gabe got some great news last week - he finally has his visa to go to Mexico!  For reasons I don't understand, he had to fly to Boise with a bunch of other missionaries and go to the Mexican consulate there to get the visa.  Here is his story:

Hey! So I Got the Visa! I leave to Mexico Jan. 6! I am so excited!!! I flew out there (to Boise) Wednesday and we were supposed to come back in the evening, but our plane had electric issues and they couldn't get it fixed and it was the last flight back so we stayed over night at a hotel with a few other elders and sisters. They paid for us. And gave us money. It was fun. These elders and sisters came from the MTC. They had to go back but they were all excited lol. They tried to preach a lot in the airport. It didn't go well. They need more practice. I'll tell you guys about that later but we woke up, got ready and our flight was scheduled to leave at 1:00 but the Salt Lake Airport was closed. The runways were all ice and lots of snow so we waited forever and eventually made it home at 6:00. So yea, it was crazy but the plane ride was bumpy and scary and it was so hard to land. The man said everyone clapped when we landed cause it was so scary. Also it was all foggy. We couldn't see. But they have all the instrument stuff to help but still it was a bumpy ride. Pretty sketchy. But I made it. We were close to staying another night. But we had fun. I can't wait to call you all at 2! Christmas!

Elder Castleton

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visa is Coming!!!

Gabe got some good news about his visa!  Here is his email from yesterday:

I am flying to Idaho Wednesday to see the Mexican consulate. Then I'm positively sure I leave the 5 of January!!! So I'm outta here! Jajaja I'm excited! I return from Idaho in the night time but I'm there all day from 7:15 to night. I'm really busy now. I have to go. We're working sooo hard we had to cut lunch. Love you all.  I'll email you sometime after Idaho! Love you all c'ya!
Elder Castleton

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Salt Lake Pictures

Our Apartment


Busy, Busy, Busy

This is my breakfast usually, besides cereal. Eggs, some Mexican sausage and this Mexican drink. Yummy! Oh, and cholula is the sauce.

Pictures from Salt Lake

Gabe also sent us some pictures from Salt Lake City.

Me, Elder Andino and Elder Contreras on the right. They left. They were here before transfers.
We got these flowers from a woman we did service for. This was a while ago cause now its all snowy.
Elder Vital (my companion)
Zone Conference
This little girl wanted to put Hello Kitty stickers on my name tag so I let her jajaja. She's so cute. Its funny.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pictures from MTC

Gabe sent us some pictures this week.  Some were older ones from the MTC.  Here are some of them.

Christmas Devotional

Last Sunday (Dec. 8) Kathy, Susannah, Daria, Michael and I attended the Christmas Devotional at the Conference Center. The next day I emailed Gabe and asked if he had attended the devotional.  Here is his response:

          Yea, I was there too! I was like wondering if you guys would be there. It was good. We took an investigator. He had lots of tattoos and piercings. Everybody was like "Where did you find him?" jajaja. He likes us because we are chill and not like REPENT!! We're taking it nice and slow. He doesn't like other missionaries because they just chuck so much info and they haven't made the connection to be his friend. We're his friend. I feel better now that I have came here. I CAN sound like a Mexican. Other than that I sound normal. I have enough clothing, thank you. I am keeping warm. :) I am having the time of my life! I will try to upload the new fotos from Salt Lake City now. Let's see how it goes. Love you all. 

Elder Castleton