Sunday, July 27, 2014

Difficult Week

I don't got much time today. We're in a bit of a rush, but I am glad all is good. This week has been eh, so so. Some things are falling, idk why.  Found out some pretty jacked up stuff this week.  We had to drop lots of people. Found out some of these people, our investigators, were part of You Know What.  So we had to let them go.  It just seems so wicked here, more and more, idk why.  Found out too that lots of the members just aren't completing with anything and they just don't care much.  For example, one argued with us about taking tea.  We told them in a nice, loving manner but they refuse.  Idk.  It just seems like lots of things are falling down hill. Lots of our appointments fell and we haven't had much success now.  I'm praying, fasting and keeping a good attitude and lovin the people.  Actually, what we came up with to help the kids and other people come is I wanna make a few duck tape flower pens and wallets when I have time at the house.  In the night I have like 1 hour every night for whatever, so that helps.  We're gonna see if they have colored duck tape in the store here.  It's like a Mexican Walmart called Soriana. Its legit.  haha Well, I love you all.  I miss you mom and love you. Your always in my prayers.  Love you all.  I hope all is well with you guys.  Lets keep pressing forward. :)  Love you all. 
Elder Castleton
​So this lady in our ward made these things with the soda things on top. that you can pop off. They're awesome! She made these.

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