Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sick Companion

Hello everybody!  So this week was pretty chill.  Elder Brown was sick from some throat infection.  So he got sick on Tuesday night and now he's just recovering.  So basically we stayed inside all those days.  I had lot of time to study lots of stuff.  I feel the spirit very strong as I study.  That's basically all we did.  So I also practiced rolling my R's and now I can do it.  It only took one day!!!  My companion can't do it either, haha.  So now I'm having fun with all the words and I sound even more Mexican!  haha.  Not really, my voice is the same.

I made a few duck tape flower pens and gave them to some investigators and also a wallet. They loved them and they've never seen anything like it, they said.  haha. So that was cool. It has rained a lot here the past few days.  This is good but the bad thing is it floods everywhere, like insane.  Also it gets humid and it's worse in the heat than normal.  So yea, it's not as fun as it seems. 

So anyone have any questions?  All is good.  Just takin it lil by lil.  I continue to pray for all of you.  I hope all is well.  I miss you all.  I haven't taken many pictures but I'll post some more when I get more pics. Hope you all have a wonderful week!   Love you all.

Elder Castleton

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