Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trials of Faith

So, hello everybody!!!  How yall duin?!?!?!  This week has been strange and sad. It has been a good week first.  Got in a bunch of lessons.

So first off, since I'm in these little pueblos, or in other words little towns, we have a church bus to go get the members for church.  So we go with one of the councilors to gather the members.  We went last Sunday to get a less active, his name is Guadalupe. I went and knocked on his door.  He said not for another week.  I invited him to come and felt bad he didn’t wanna come.  He is less active and has smoking problems. He's been a member for a few years.  A couple days later he passed away. I felt bad.  Last person to invite him to church.  I felt a love for that guy.  We went to his funeral and it was strange.  Mexicans throw these strange funerals and a huge party after with beer and other stuff I won't say.  So we had to leave.  Bishop took us home.

Also what happened is Elder Brown, my companion, his grandpa died.  He told me in our other area in Juarez he wanted his grandpa to live so he could return to see him again. He knew he had some problems with health. That’s why he was worried. The thing is, he didn’t act sad at all.  Obviously, we know why and he knows where he is and all, but still, it's a testimony builder for me.  That we will live once again with our family.  And yes, he is a member. So that was a testimony builder. Elder Brown still is working strong and no excuses for him.

I am happy and doin good. I just keep movin. Please pray for us down here.  I love you so much. I am just following through with the work.  Thanks.  Love you All!

Elder Castleton

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