Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Companion

Hello!  I hope you enjoy these fotos. This week was a pretty good week but guess what?........!!!!!! We got transfers..... Kinda sad.  My companion,  Elder Brown, is headed off to a place called Villa Humada.  Its like 2 hours from Juarez so we're both far from Juarez, and I'm like 3 hours away from him.  I am staying here in Caseta and I am the senior companion of an elder called Elder Hernandez.  He, well, idk who he is yet.  We switch tomorrow.  He has less time than me, that’s all I know.  So it will be an adventure.  Our area is the biggest area in the mission. And I'm senior companion! YES!!!  Also the patriarch lives right by us.  We're part of the Juarez East Stake, which is the biggest stake in all of MEXICO!  13 wards, I believe.  Its huge!  And he's the patriarch for all 13.  He has a lot of work every Sunday.  That's when he does the blessings.  He is so funny.  He is learning English and it's just awesome when he speaks to us in English.  I guess no more English with a companion, but still, members here speak English. So that’s a little of that. We have transfers.  I'm excited and ready to keep workin.  It will be a great week, I just feel it.  How is everybody doing over Yander?  Well, thanks everybody for all your love and support.  I love you all so dearly.  I pray for you all.  I hope you all have a great week. :)

Elder Castleton
The man's name is Cruz. He is our investigator and is getting baptized! this next week so we're pretty pumped!

This family is the bishop and his family!  They're so cool!!!  Bishop Morales. Borbuja is the one in the green that I've mentioned.  She's so funny! The one in the white shirt by me, she speaks Englsh, and the other one by the mom.

The bishop.  We gave him ties for his birthday. (Ties we have gotten from other elders and don't want.  shhhh)

This is how we fill up our clean water from the water house.

A random farm
This is the Hermana that lets us wash clothes at her house. She makes food for us while we wait for our clothes and we play frisbee with the kids! This was this morning! haha

The kids trying not to get caught by the camera!  It's a game.

This other hermana, I couldn’t get a good foto but she is exactly like Kendra!  So funny and she is the daughter of Guadalupe or Lupe, the hermana that lets us wash our clothes. The daughter, her name is Aracely.

So basically, here we have some Mexican artiness. Pretty cool.  The one with the face is really done well and its awesome, ahaahaha.  The writing says Caseta.

Some more storms that headed in!

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