Thursday, December 18, 2014

Choir of Angels

Hey, Everybody -

 Aahhh, man, this week has been soooo amazing.  I'm just filled with the spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The choir was the best thing I've ever done!! It was huge!!!!  We were on TV here in Mexico!  And the newspaper.  And we got 1800 REFERRALS!!  For the mission!!  It was the best.  I just about exploded from the spirit.  I haven't felt the spirit so strong.  Singing in front of tons of people with our missionary army, singing the truth to everybody!!  It was so legit.  We had videos and stuff as well, like "He is the Gift" and "Because of Him" and lots more. It was sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My new companion got to be in it and he loved it! His name is Elder Medeiros! haha he's from......... South Jordan, Utah!  He just barely finished his training.   So he's pretty new, but we get along soooo well and teach really well together. He's awesome.  I love him, haha. 

In just our area we have also reached like 15 references, not including those from the choir. And we have a bunch of new investigators. This week we're gonna be soooooo busy, but I'm so excited!!  More than a thousand references for the mission!!  It was the best experience of my mission.  I wanted to ball like a baby.  I know God lives. there's no way that I just felt a little good.   I felt the spirit testify every time.  It was AHHHHh.  I'm like we're just a bunch of angels singing in this dangerous city.  This is what the people need to see and hear.  I am sooo glad I was a part of that amazing experience!  I still feel the spirit sooooo strong!  It was like a charge up, haha.  Oh, man, I just about died from the spirit. It helped me as well have a stonger testimony.  I know He lives.  I will NEVER deny that. Everything is getting much better.  I'm really, really happy. Lots of work but that’s ok.  Here are some fotos of the place where we sang, on the  outside. As well as our ward mission leader and some of his kids and the other elders in our ward, but my old companion is on the left, the really dark one in front. 



 New companion! My suit is big for me, hahah.
I hope you enjoy the fotos. It was an awesome week!

From Chuck:
One of the moms of a missionary found a video online of a Mexican TV station covering the concert.  Click here to see it.  Also, here is a screen shot Kathy took from the video. See Gabe, second from right in the back row.

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