Sunday, September 29, 2013

Half Way Through the MTC

Here is the email we got from Gabe this week.  The  frightened boy we dropped off at the MTC  has become  a confident, articulate and spiritually powerful man.

Hey, Dad!

        So I have had a great week. You are welcome. Thanks. I got the cookies. Thanks! They were good. I am actually trying to get fit and loose weight. One of the elders in my district is good with personal training and hes pretty buff. haha. So yea I am actually sore from last night and this morning. My body is a temple and I really need to take care of it and attend to it. So also we had a companion switch in our district. I switched companions and I have Elder Misalucha from the Philippians! he is so cool. We work so well together. So basically if I were to have really taught some people the gospel I would have baptized 2 already. My old companion is with our district leader. He is cool and he went to AF.  He knows a lot of my friends like Brad and Kimball. and Braden.

Tell our ward they're awesome. tell them the MTC is fun and its not what most people expect it to be like. When we really study the book of mormon and really dig in. It makes so much more sense. So I am so glad to be here. It is hard. I miss friends and seeing everybody and I MISS my FAMILYs! but its what is right. One of Brynn's friends works here at the wyview campus in the creamery and I get to say hi. Also today we went to the temple and I saw old friends and they are friends with Brynn.

Dad I love you and I miss you. You are the best dad. I know a lot more about the church here and it is making me grow a stronger testimony. This church is true. I don't know how a young uneducated boy can make up all that stuff. or even like a dream and he saw all that cause thats one heck of a dream. haha. I know this church is true. It is so much easier to teach and stuff. I can teach really good without a book. I am apparently the best one in our zone in Spanish so everyone asks for help. Haha its a good feeling. Well Time to go.I will talk to you next week. Tell mom I love her. Shes the best mom. She has been their for me. I love you all. Keep suzy going get her reading and praying every day. Satan will do all he can to stop here. She is at  a hard time especially at school and trying to fit in. I can't email everyone now cause we got a busy schedule so sorry! I love you all. Adios! 

Elder Castleton 

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  1. Gabe, you sound so spiritual and into your mission! We are so proud of you and your decision to go on a mission and to succeed! We pray for you every day. You have people who are waiting for you to teach them the gospel! Keep up the great work and attitude! We love you! Ruth