Sunday, September 15, 2013

MTC, Week 2

A new email and some pictures from Gabe this week:

Hi, Dad. It is going great! I am so happy and having the time of my life. So we stayed here in the main MTC campus, but then we moved to the west view campus where the family housing is. It is so much nicer. It feels like I'm in college. There's a lot more things we can do and freedom. I have P day every Friday so every Friday I can Email you guys. We had 8 people in our district and now their are 6. We had two get sent off to the Spain MTC. We are all such good friends. They say they are so glad to have me because I can make them feel good and happy when they are down. My companion's name is Elder Hall, then we have Elder Pilkington, Elder Misalucha, Elder Ray, Elder Webster. They are so kind and nice.  I have been assigned to be the Senior Companion. My spanish is getting so good. It is taking me a while to type cause I type in Spanish haha. Well dad I love you and I miss you. Thank you for getting me up so early to get to mission prep. It has been so helpful to know and be prepared. Like what the scouts say " BE PREPARED". I have grown a big testimony and I have learned a lot in just a week. I have practiced a lot teaching investigators and I am so excited to go teach the people of Mexico. I will try to upload fotos so you can see. I will talk to you soon. Te amo mucho. habla en una semana. 


  1. The priesthood is a very good lesson. I am the Senior companion. I have had so many chances to prepare and study the gospel. I love this gospel so much with all my heart. Mom I have a testimony and I would like to testify that as we serve a mission with the right purpose it will bless us so much. I know the book of mormon is true. I testify of it. I can testify all day long. I am soo happy to serve. I know as we prepare for it we will be blessed. Mission prep is the biggest thing that has helped me. I can get up with out complaining and I know a lot more because of mission prep. I miss you and I am excited for this work. i will keep updating every friday. That is when I have P day.

    Elder Castleton

  2. Gabe,
    We loved reading of your experience. In my gospel study this morning I read Elder Waddell's General Conference talk from October 2011. It is all about what you should expect as a missionary. I would suggest it as great reading when you want to study something a little different than your lesson material.
    Love, Uncle George