Tuesday, April 8, 2014


WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! This conference was incredible!!!!! AAHHHH HELLO! So conference here is like the Super Bowl for missionaries, haha. It was amazing. I felt the spirit each talk. I watched it in English with other of the American elders at the church. 

This week has been soo awesome! I love this area! This area is sooo rich! It's the 2nd richest area here and it's soo beautiful. It's like a nice rich area in Cali with grass and beautiful houses. It's a big area, though. The churches here are more big and advanced, haha. 

So we had lots of spiritual experiences this week. I made a women cry a lot, haha, by sharing this one scripture and testifying. She's like "Stop, stop, your gonna make me cry even more" hahaha. It is very safe here, too. It's one of the most safest areas, so I feel great. I don't need to worry about having to look behind me walking and seeing if someone is following us. Baseball is also big here in Juarez, I wanted to tell you guys that but I forgot to say. haha 

My companion and I are getting along great! My Montana friend. He's like Andrew a little in his funny ways and he's like Joe and idk, he reminds me of a lot of people. He's cool. He has been out one year. We have been speaking a bit of English. It's kinda nice to speak it again and then we instantly switch to Spanish. It's pretty cool. So my English is the same now. I can speak the two pretty good - it's like even. So one bad thing here is it's one of the lowest baptizing areas and it's so hard I can see why. One thing I've noticed in Juarez, not just one ward, but it's so hard to have the people like welcome and greet and go visit less actives or our investigators.  Also the church starts late, like 9:30 instead of 9. That's a big problem.  We're talking to the bishop about this. People left the church because we didn't start on time. It's over-reacting but ugh, idk, some people these days. 

Lots more people here speak English, too. So English and Spanish, its crazy. Also what I like is we're by Walmart and these two other stores that are big. They don't exist in the United States, though, but they're nice. I've noticed lots of shirts are American and its all in English and well, lots of things in general. It's funny, we have Costco and Applebees and this Peter Piper Pizza that's a buffet. Lots of goodness.  The thing is there is lots of traditional Mexican food and such good Mexican food here that doesn't exist at home, or even in Texas or El Paso, but we have lots of American food like hamburgers and hot dogs and stuff. This family took us to this sushi place, it was sooo yummy!! 

Sometimes the kids make fun of our accent cause speaking Spanish and then English is hard and the transition - in English it's using your throat more and Spanish is all in the mouth and the kids think its funny. Especially when we talk English. I sound, well, it's just different because my accent in Spanish isn't quite finished.  I need to speak more and roll my R's better, hahah. Well I got to go but I'll send fotos! Have a good week!

Elder Castleton

New Companion - Elder Brown

Previous Companion - Elder Santiago

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