Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello, everybody! I am feeling a lot better. We had transfers! I am not in my same area again. I am in a new area called Nogales (the Nogales neighborhood of Juarez, not the city of Nogales.)  My companion's name is Elder Brown and he is from Montana, Bozeman. He is cool. It's only been a couple hours with him so far, but yea. Elder Santiago was a great companion, though. I am in a bigger area. It is with lots of rich people, so I think it'll be good. I am more close to the border. It's actually safer here. The south of Juarez is the most dangerous. 

For those of you who want to know what it's like here in Juarez since it's so scary (haha, not).  The cartel war is over. Well, here. What happened was two cartel groups came here and they started to fight each other and, well, one now won, so it's over. The police couldn't do anything.  The cartel out number the police by a lot. Plus, they have deals with them and the government. One cartel remains here but there are gangs that wanna take over and they fight, so it's still dangerous. Lots and lots of police, basically like SWAT and the army, are here. Pretty cool, but sketchy sometimes. Like every street has a cartel member. Just found out the other week, well, my companion was district leader and we went to Villa Humada so my companion can do a baptism interview.   Villa Humada is like cartel land.  They've basically taken it. There are police but they don't do anything. They live in peace but they control lots of places and one big house. We went to the parents of this house to interview the son. It was one of the main cartel drug selling people. The son wanted to change and get out. That's why we were giving him a baptism interview. He's a really good guy, just that his parents are cartel members. They are so loaded. They are very nice people and respect us and said if any one tries to hurt us, like gangs, then the cartel has our back!!! Not all of them, but lots of them respect us. The others actually don't like Americans so no American elders can go to Villa Humada.  Other than that, life is pretty good livin with the drug sellers. They're not like the people I thought they were.  They were soooooo inteligent!! 

These cartel bosses have contacts with police and the government. They're so so loaded and its crazy. There's lots of blown up places or abandoned houses from the war. I got here like a few months after it stopped, kinda like an after shock. Also, it's illegal to take fotos of the houses and the people.  I just found that out. I need to be careful because if there's people goin around taking fotos, the cartel will think we're after someone and doin something, idk how to say, like we're looking for someone. They will kill me if I do that. So no more fotos, sorry, only of my companions and inside our house. I will send fotos later when I have more time. 

I am starting all over in this area.  My companion knows a little bit of the area, and he's American, so we will see how this goes, haha. Sorry, I know i don't type well. It's hard to be typing English. I don't know my area or the members or the investigators yet, so hope it's all good. I wish everybody good luck and to keep up the good work. The food is amazing here, lots of food that doesn't exist over there, so HA! Take that, hahaha, jk.  It's bad that I can't eat fruit because there sure are some really good drinks of fruit. YUMMY!  I don't like soda anymore also, so, yea....Well, I gots to go. Also, my president, his visa expired to go to El Paso to get the mail so I haven't recieved anything yet. Maybe in like two weeks I'll get it. Huhh, it's ok. Well, love you all!  Take care! 

Elder Castleton 

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  1. Wow! Sounds like Gabe is having quite the experiences. My sister Elizabeth served in Nogales years ago. There was a lot of unrest at that time. Thanks for the update!