Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello everybody!  How was your week?  So there is good news and bad news. The bad news is the boy Marcos, his parents don’t want him baptized.  But he still comes to church and does everything, so that’s all good. Also, we did have a baptism.  It was another investigator.  We just thought maybe he wouldn’t be baptized, and it was good. We had 3 baptisms yesterday. 1 from our ward and 2 from the ward of our other companions.  Their ward's called Independencia and ours is Tierra Nueva. So either way it was cool. The boy that got baptized, his name is Aaron. And yea, he got confirmed a member yesterday.  It was pretty awesome.  We're gonna set another baptisimal date this week as well. haha.  So everything is all good.

My camera died and I forgot the charger so i don’t have pictures. The thing is I'm gonna change areas, haha.  My companion is gonna train, so we have been going to some meetings for that.  Actually we have to go to one tomorrow.  So were gonna have transfers but I think, I don’t know, but I might be a district leader.  I am not sure yet.  So all is well. haha.

How is everybody doin?  i see Suzy is like a star over there!  Congrats Suzy!!! I'm proud of you!  Daria, that sounds awesome and fun to have another friend around.  Kendra and Graham,  I'm coming back for that asphalt pie....and Graham, you still have a forest beard?  Soo, that's how you get the ladies, right?.... OK, I see how it is... Eva and Big J, keep up the preachin, your planting the seed as you serve and love your neighbors.  The best thing you can do is love them.

Study about love in the scriptures, all of you, please, haha.  It's deep... haha. Lots of times we talk about love but we don’t love to a degree that changes ourselves first. I have learned about that this week.  Think about this: IF WE REALLY LOVE JESUS AND OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE  WILL OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS........That is the secret to everything.  If you don’t got love you got nottin. haha There's this kid that says if you don’t got J's you don’t got nothing, meaning Jordans, the tennis shoes, haha.  So I say if you don’t got love, you got nothing.  Well, I invite you to test yourselves.  Do I really love Jesus?  That I can say it to his face? Do I love my neighbors and the people that surround me?  Those kind of questions we need to ask ourselves.  I know God will always help us if he sees us loving our brothers and sisters. 

Love you all so much.  I pray for your safety and for guidance.  I will talk to you all next week! Have a fantastic week!

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