Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Assignment

Hey you all!

So we got transfers, haha. I am leaving Tierra Nueva. :(   I loved it here, but it's all good. My companion will stay here.  I’m going to a new area called Aztecas. I am going as a district leader.  Actually this is a big deal.  Down here it is. It's hard to become a district leader here, because they have to be 100% obedient and in a lot of things I'll tell you when I'm home, but I've been 100% diligent, so Pres sees that and now I'm a district leader.  He says if there are bad district leaders then the whole mission will be bad.  I feel ready for this.  It will be interesting.

My companion's name is Elder Cal, I think. He's from Honduras or from Guatamala, from what I've heard. This will be an adventure. I have a ton a stuff to pack, haha.  Also, there are not so many elders here that have a lot of time in the mission.  There's a couple generations before me and in a couple months I'll be one of the oldest generations here.  I will probably be a zone leader before I go home.  I don’t wanna be an assistant, though.  They do sooo much work here. They hardly teach at all.  And they are always running, busy, busy.  District leader and zone leader sounds good to me, ahha.  Yea, the members were soo bummed that I'm leaving.  They are good people.  I'll miss them but I'm so ready for this opportunity.

How's it all going over there?  It also sounds like I'll be coming home the 19 of August. I am having a good time here. I love teaching now and talking to the people, showing them the love that I have for them.  Thank you guys for your support and love.  Also for the gifts you send.  I share the fotos of you guys with the members. They wanna see what Alpine is like.  I don’t know if you guys wouldn't mind taking some fotos of Alpine and also views of the lake and the mountains.  Idk if it is snowy there or not.  Maybe in the spring. haha.  Also I have to say, I handed out some glow sticks to little kids in the church and more came and I'm like "Oh, ok, I got a couple more."  Then all of a sudden a huge stampede of kids came running AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  I want one!!!!  I want one!!! I want one!!!  They were all pushing me over and attacking the bag.  I about wet my pants from laughter and my companion was like laughing and it was just funny.  Here those don't really exist, but they love them a lot!!  Like it fascinates them so much.  They all wanted one, but i didn’t have enough.  There was like maybe 60 kids.  There were too many, but yea, it was funny.

We also activated a family this week and they came and their son passed the sacrament.  It was awesome, and there were also 2 goodbye farewells yesterday. it was interesting, haha.  They're different here, haha.

Yea, well, thanks so much.  This week was a pretty good week. I made some amazing hamburgers with my companion and we about died because it was so good.  I couldn’t move, either.  they were huge burgers but so good, and yea, I about wet my pants laying on the couch cause i had to go potty but couldn’t lift my self up, hahaha.  Pretty strange but good week. Hah, well, I love you all. Hope you all have a great week!  Be good!

Elder Castleton

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