Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bien Occupado No Pudimos Escribir...

Hola!  Como estan?  I was thinking about writing in Spanish but you won't understand.  Yesterday we didn't have any time to write, haha, sorry.  Our p-day is just soo full. So how are you guys doing? 

This week we found a lady named Valeria.  She's about your age and the missionaries passed her by a lot but we went with her and got to know her.  She said the elders rushed her to be baptized and she didn't like that.  She said "I want to make sure I'm in the right church."  I thought back for a moment and thought to my self..." Well, I don't think she knows lesson 1."  I asked her "Sister, did the other missionaries explain why there are lots of churches?"  She said no, and I was like, what?  Oh, man!  She told us that they talked about the plan of salvation and all the other lessons, but they did not explain L1.  I said to her "Well, we're gonna tell you what happened".  So we taught part of L1 and after, she loved it and said "That explains why", and then we talked about goals and baptism.  I asked her about if setting a goal for baptism would be good, and a lot of other things, like we're her to help you all the way and achieve your goal and it's a time to prepare and God will answer your prayer and, ya, so she said...............YES!  So we put a baptism date for the 28th of Feb.  It was awesome.  I felt pretty happy that we were there to help her and her need. That was the spiritual experience this week. I have lots for every week but some are more special and others are too special that I will tell you guys when I'm home.

Well, I hope you all enjoy your week.  I love you all.  Thanks for your support and prayers.  Keep holdin' strong to that lil' bar of iron.

Love you All!
Elder Castleton

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