Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Report from Salt Lake City

Finally got an email from Gabe after his arrival in Salt Lake City.  He's so happy and busy and loves the work.Here's what he said:
Hey so I am here in Salt Lake City doing the work till I go to Mexico!! So we left the MTC so good and we sang "Til We Meet"- that song in Spanish - its a tradition. So we got our companions the first day and guess what!!!!!!!!!!! My companion is FROM Mexico Cuidad Juarez! It is such a blessing. I think I came here so he can help me! He is a great teacher. His name is Elder Vital and he's soooo glad I'm going to his city. He leaves in four months back to Cuidad Juarez. WE get a long great. He's awesome. I love serving with him. I have taught some people and it's all real life now. haha So I gave a woman today a blessing of comfort. Also we had a baptism Saturday and it was so nice and very spiritual. These people like party after their baptisms haha. They have a big party - it's crazy. Also every day we eat with people and its hard to stay fit but this other elder from Honduras is helping me and I'm loosing weight. I love being with these guys. I love being with everyone. The Mexican babies are so cute. haha Going to church is fun with them. Its weird here cause the parents don't know much English but the kids do so its like Spanglish. Well I don't have much time.. We had p-day today but we had dinner appointments and service we did. So I can't say everything I wanna say - I am summing it all up. This is awesome work. Well I got to go. Tell everyone I love them. Bye I love you guys! This is the Lord's work. Nos vemos!

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