Monday, October 14, 2013

Gabe and His Mom

Gabe and His Mom
Gabe and Kathy Castleton
Gabe sent us a letter and I wanted to share it with you all.

"Hey, how is everyone? I am so happy here. I am doing so good. Lots of Spanish! I pray in Spanish and bear my testimony in Spanish. I have felt the spirit more than I've ever felt in my entire life. I feel the Gift of Tongues and it helps. I pray like 20 times a day. It's weird. Also wearing church shirts is so normal. Wearing my p-day clothes is weird. 
Family... I have a testimony that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I testify of it. He did translate the Book of Mormon. He went through so much. I'm so grateful for what he did. This is truly the true church. I can never deny. I will take the truth and preach unto every soul. I feel the Savior's love for me. I LOVE all you guys!!! Jesus loves you!
Take care. The church is true! I testify of it. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed and proud.
My belt broke. I'll buy a new one. Love you all!!!!!!!!!
Elder Castleton

He sent this letter in a box with his broken belt and his cell phone.
       Yes estoy recibiendo todos. It is hard to mail all the time cause im busy. I get them and they make me feel better. Dane??!!!! if you see dane soon tell him to email me and give him my email address. No one emails me.....:( only you and dad and suzy and eva. It is quite sad actually. People say ill write you and stuff but no one has. I like get pumped to email on friday and I love it but I wish I new how my friends are doing. ya know? its kinda sad. But mom I miss you! I will write to graham and eva. I hope you are all doing well. I know you will be blessed because I am here. I have wanted to come home a few times but I am staying strong. I am learning so much spanish. like I am forgetting how to say some words. They tell us to like take out english words and replace it with spanish. also like out side of class we speak spanish. We speak spanish all day 24/7. I am understanding the gospel so well. when my companion and i teach we dont use books or anything we just practice and we learn how to say it. we pray in spanish and testify in spanish. Also tell jed if you see him that his cousin I think its his cousin is here and hes a stud. we have talked. Also I have seen russell and I have talked to him a lot before he left. It was so good to talk to him again before he left. It really feels wierd here like this is all a dream or something. i dont know. Its a wierd feeling. I am learning so much and I am ready to go. I have been assigned to be leader of the trip thing leader where like when we leave and we head to mexico I am in charge of a few districts and help them and make sure everything is ok. no one knows anything about the air ports and their scared of them haha I told them I new how it all works and their like yay good! haha. So we bus to salt lake and then fly to phenix arizona and then ALL THE WAY DOWN TO Guadalajara!!!!!!! hahaha its crazy why we are going all the way down their then from their we go to Cuidad Juarez. My birth grandma is in guadalajara. haha :) awesome. well I got to go. I love you mom!

Last week Gabe sent us some worried letters. He found out he will be serving in Salt Lake instead of Juarez for a little while. He was afraid he'd done something wrong. Not so. He just didn't get his visa in time. Since he won't be going to Juarez he needed a coat. We didn't know when he would be transferred so we grabbed his coat and a sweater and a new tie and put them in a box and dropped it off at the MTC.

Mom and Dad the people here said I do not have my visa yet. and even though I am a duel citizen I had to have a passport from Mexico. So i guess we turned the passport I have here in a little late, but they didnt tell me anything. I didn't know what to do so one day they called me and took it and didn't say what they were doing with it. I went in again and asked hey whats up and they said it won't be in on time. So NOW I have been assigned to serve in the Salt Lake City East mission UNTIL that comes through. and also incase I need to be there with the Mexican consul it I have to be there in person and sign stuff and all the fun stuff. They said i will be here in SL for a transfer. I am just notifying you. Soon I will be in Mexico. Other than that I feel nervous and scared. I feel ready and happy but It is hard teaching people and stuff. This is pretty hard work. I am excited though. I also saw keith and his two daughters at the Provo temple. It was nice to see them and some one of my family I miss you guys. i was happy. I dont know when I can email you next I think our p-day is gonna be different but Idk. I will be sure to email you when I can. Also I am in need of winter cloths. I have nothing to put over my suit. it is getting cold too. I only have warm cloths. I have one sweater but its like what I wear on p-day and I have a rain coat but it doesnt fit over my suit. ill figure something out. If I need to buy some warm things could you put money on my card? I love you guys and miss everyone. It is a strange feeling being aways this long. The lord is taking care of me. Thanks for everything. Love you Mom and Dad 

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