Friday, October 11, 2013

Visa Troubles

Gabe got some bad news today - his Mexican visa hasn't come through and he will be assigned to the Salt Lake North Mission until it arrives.  But he also got some good news - he ran into Keith and his daughters at the Provo Temple this morning.  Here is some of his email:

Mom and Dad,

The people here said I do not have my visa yet. So I guess we turned the passport I have here in a little late, but they didn't tell me anything. I didn't know what to do so one day they called me and took it and didn't say what they were doing with it. I went in again and asked "Hey, whats up?" and they said it won't be in on time. So NOW I have been assigned to serve in the Salt Lake City East mission UNTIL that comes through. and also in case I need to be there with the Mexican consul if I have to be there in person and sign stuff and all the fun stuff. They said I will be here in SL for a transfer. I am just notifying you. Soon I will be in Mexico. Other than that I feel nervous and scared. I feel ready and happy but It is hard teaching people and stuff. This is pretty hard work. I am excited though. I also saw Keith and his two daughters at the Provo temple. It was nice to see them and some one of my family. I miss you guys.. I was happy. I don't know when I can email you next. I think our p-day is gonna be different but Idk. I will be sure to email you when I can.. I love you guys and miss everyone. It is a strange feeling being away this long. The Lord is taking care of me. Thanks for everything. Love you, Mom and Dad

(Note from Chuck: I called the missionary travel department.  They said there are no problems with Gabe's passport and paperwork.  There were several missionaries in his group who just didn't get their invitation letters from the Mexican government in time.  Apparently they are just a little slow sometimes.  So they will be temporarily assigned to stateside missions until their visas are completed.)

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