Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hey everybody!!  How are you all doin??  So my first week really as a zone leader has been so good!  I love it.  We saw conference in the stake center with the Americans.  The Latinos went in with the rest of the members in the chapel.  We were in another room with the Americans watching it in English. It was awesome.  I loved it.  Sooo good! 

It's awesome with my companion.  We're so chill and nice to the Elders and Sisters. They all love us and they're like "Yea, best zone leaders!!".  It's because they know I'm funny, and my companion as well.  It's so fun.  The house is amazing.  When I get a camera, haha, I will show you fotos. I really like our area as well.  It's nice and lots of the members speak English, so that's always fun. I really like it here. 

So how did you guys do during the conference? Thank you guys so much for your help and support. I am still getting to know everywhere and the investigators and stuff, but for now its all good. We get a long really, really well. We were friends in the MTC, so it's pretty cool.  We were joking like "Ahh, hey man, what if we are companions in the field, that would be so cool" and now BOOM!  We're companions.....Pretty cool.......pretty cool.......Well, I love you all.  I gots to go but tell me how you are all doin'.  I will talk to you all soon!  
Love you guys!!
Elder Castleton

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