Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bad News and Good News

Hey Mom, Dad, how are you guys?  So I got some news for ya. First I'll tell ya the bad news...

So my companion and I were in the store Monday and when we enter we have to leave our backpacks in this area where they guard it.  So we left our backpacks there like always and we go in.  So we came out and we asked for our backpacks and their like "No, it's not here", so we talked to them and other employees and they think that someone took them. We went back the next day because they told us to, and so they said no, and they say that yea, it's gone. Someone took it, but they took the both of our backpacks, so basically, we got our backpacks stolen!!!!!  So that’s the bad news and they can't do anything, either.  It's some dumb rule they have.  So now I have no backpack, no scriptures, no camera or other important papers I had.  And just some other stuff I had from the mission. So thats the bad news I got.  I am alone with out my preaching stuff. The thing is the mission can't pay for every thing that got lost.....sooo I am gonna have to get new scriptures, and I can buy a backpack here.

Also the good news, though, is awesome!!!!  This is the best good we actually have transfers in 1 more week but, President moved me to be ZONE LEADER!!!  So now I'm a zone leader and I AM WITH!!............Elder Webster from the MTC.  He was there in the same apartment with me.  He was my best friend in the MTC.  He's so cool.  He's my companion!!!!  So we've got the same time left,  we're already friends and were kicking it together.  Zone leaders in the area called Fronterra.  We have 36 missionaries in our zone.  It's big.  So yea!!!! Oh, also, our house - oh man, don’t get me started!!!  It's sooo legit!!  It's so nice, so nice.  It's I think the nicest or one of the nicest houses for missionaries in all of the mission, or Juarez, idk.  It's sooo cool.  I would take pictures but i ain't got no camera.  So yea,  sorry.  But that’s the good news.

I feel better in this position.  It's actually easier than being a district leader.  But I am also in a rich area again, like in Nogales.  Nogales is in my zone.  So yea, it's awesome!!  The area is awesome, rich people and awesome food.  I like it here.  But yea, I've been so busy we didn’t have time this week really to write, so sorry but now we have some time.  But yea, at least I am safe and I had my money in my pocket, not my backpack. Well, I got to go again, but I love you so much, you two. I will talk to you soon. Thanks very much.

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