Sunday, March 29, 2015

Work, Work, Work and a Little More Work

Hello Everybody!! how goes it? Everything is good here.  We're getting ready for the "Because He Lives" thing, idk how to say it in English. So were getting that ready. How are you guys doing?  I hear some things aren’t that good.  I know God gives us a lot of trials and hardships but don’t give up hope.  There is always hope, and keep reading and studying the scriptures.  The stories of other people had hard times and even worse.   Learn to be 100% obedient and not just with the commandments. Study, don’t read. Understand and things will work out for the best. Love everyone but love God first and you won't have to worry if you're keeping the commandments. This life is hard, not easy, but salvation isn’t cheap, so its work, work, work and a little more work.  I love you all.  Read Alma 5 and study it.  Ask yourselves those questions that it has. I will talk to you all next week. Love you all. 

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