Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hey everybody, how are you guys?  It's goin good here, slow but good. One elder in my district is about to leave for home next week. He's all done, haha.   It's weird cause I remember him like a year  ago, and now he's leavin.  I am just training and training and training here, helping the other elders progress and become my little Spartans. Every district meeting we do a like, idk how you call it, shout like Spartans.  It's kinda weird but the other elders like it, haha. It gives us a smile.

We also found another family to teach and I asked her again the first visit to be baptized, and she said yes.  She also came to church with us and her little girls, haha, they were so funny.  They're really white.  They look American but no, they're from here, haha.  So we're teaching them.

We're really working with the youth to come with us and help us, and they're actually working.  They gave us more references and introduced some of their friends to us.  We taught them and they liked it.  They also came to church as well, and we're in the process of teaching them.  So that's that,  hahaha.  So Is it cold there right now in Utah?  Well, I got to go but I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Hasta luego!

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