Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coming to the End

Hey, guys, so yea, it's been a good week!  Yea, my new companion is Elder Jackson. He's chill. We had some cool experiences this past week!  i wanna save them for when I'm home. It's kinda hard ending cause everyone is like hey, you're going home and I'm like yea.... but I'm ready as well. I wanna start my life. But I'm still goin here, still preachin.  It just doesn't feel real. It's weird. I can't see my self living in Utah.  I have dreamed a ton and wished to make it back home safe and see the green grass movin by the wind and the mountains standing tall and strong and my dear sweet beautiful family.  That's all I want. I just want my family.  The gospel and family is all I want. It's all I need to be complete, at least for here on this earth. But in the next life it will be better. I just dream of seeing Utah again.  I understand how hard it is for some people to have the desire to go over to live in the USA but they can't.  It feels like I've had the most perfect life and people here want to do the same.  They dream of crossing the border to live in a place like our place. I don't know, it's just hard sometimes.  But I miss you guys and hope everything goes great.  Have a great week!

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