Sunday, June 7, 2015

What's Really Important

Editor's Note:  Gabe hasn't been sending a lot of missionary stories lately, so I'm going to share a couple that other missionaries have shared involving Gabe.  These were posted on a Ciudad Juarez Missionary Moms Facebook page.  This one is from Elder Cox, who is in Gabe's zone.


The experience I wanted to share with you was that me and Elder Castleton went on divisions and visited a new investigator. It was a lady in her 40's and her mother who I really don't know how old she was but she's pretty much terminally ill. And we were just getting to know them and about them. The mother who was sick was telling us that really she's looking for something that can give her hope and that she doesn't know which visit with us will be the last. It was kind of sad, but it really opened my eyes that sometimes we just get focused on getting things done as missionaries and just the numbers and that people really do find hope in what we have. When really if we focus on helping the people understand and receive the gospel, then Heavenly Father is happy with our work. He's not counting our lessons, he just wants us as missionaries to do what we can to make sure people receive the Gospel and realize how important this work is.

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