Sunday, June 7, 2015

Not in Kansas Any More

This story is from Elder Jackson, Gabe's new companion:

We were walking in the street and trying to find somebody, ANYBODY, to talk to, and failing miserably (seriously, the only reason that people walk in the street in our area is to get from the house to the car), and I will say that saying hi to people on their balconies has its benefits, because next thing we know there is a woman coming out onto the street and asking us to talk to her. At first we thought that she might be a little drunk, because her neighbors were having a little fun throwing the alcohol around, but as we got closer we saw that that was not the case. She had just gotten into the city from Kansas, (and for those of you who don't know, my brother is on his mission in Kansas) and asked us to teach her, because she had been taking the lessons in Kansas, and the only reason she can't come to church is because her mother is seriously ill with some king of muscular atrophy, but she wants to be baptized and it is super awesome just going there, because the spirit is so flipping strong and its just a super cool experience.

Here are a couple of pictures Elder Jackson posted.  The captions are his, too.

This is Elder Castleton, my companion. Despite appearances, he is American, from Alpine Utah, and super awesome.

This is the view of Juarez we have from our roof. Best view in the whole dang world.

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