Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hello! How is everybody!? Good! Muy bien! This week was pretty good! Getting a better feel how this place is. It is pretty green, well more green than it was in the city. Yea, we have had more fun with the members and we're all laughing with them and playing with the kids and today we went over to a member's house and did laundry and they're so awesome. She is so nice. We played frisbee with the little kids and the kids all speak English. They go to the school in Fabens, Texas. Most of the kids here speak English. The parents, no, only like 3. 

We're trying to have a better relationship with the members and love them and serve them. We had a big fiesta Saturday and the members put on skits and plays and we invited investigators and less actives and it was so much fun!  Some guys dressed up like women and did funny skits, like acting out real life things. Like one dad was this drunk cowboy at home, sitting there and he has his big sombrero and the mom comes in and it was a man acting her out and there is this song that goes with it and she's like hitting him with her purse and making fun of his big belly, haha. It was just funny. Mom, I know you would have died laughing. And Daria, too. We had lots of food, too. It was awesome. 

Thanks for all your prayers. I can feel the love from you all. Even though it was just horrid here, there is a lot of good and we're trying to focus on that and have the people see the good. Mom, you're right about the story and how it applies to the Book of Mormon. I actually am typing and there is a fight going on outside this instant. HAHAHA, peace, people, peace! haha.  Can't go 5 mins with peace, haha, jk. 

(Note:  This is the part of Kathy's email that Gabe is responding to - "I have been thinking about the war there. It reminds me of the destruction just before the Savior appeared to the Nephites after His crucifixion. Many people had died and there was fire and destruction. The Lord appeared to the people and told them he would gather them as a hen gathereth her chickens. The more righteous part of the people were spared. It seems similar to your experience. The people had a hard time hearing the Savior's voice.  You guys are the Savior's voice to the people. The first thing he teaches them is not to have contention. Heavenly Father introduces his Son. It is such a beautiful passage of scripture and I thought of you and the people there as I read my scriptures.")

So we have also noticed that these towns are so small, it takes like, well,  where we live like 10 mins to cross the whole town. haha.  And the other towns, some are a lot longer, but so many, so many empty houses. Lots of people left, so all the people in the lists we have are gone and left. So that was a bummer. So now we are looking to the members for help.  My companion and I are making goals and plans to have more success here. We found a scorpion in our house, haha, that was freaky. I love working in this area. The people are pretty loving.  Some of the kids though, man, are crazy. We just were passing a canal and these two kids were tossing this dog puppy in the water and we're like "hey, careful!" and they ran off.  But all is well. I hope you all have a great week!  Keep praying for those opportunities to serve!  

Elder Castleton

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