Sunday, June 29, 2014

Q & A

In my email to Gabe last week, I asked him some questions about his mission, and he responded.  Here are my questions and his answers.


Q. Are there any sister missionaries in your mission?
A. Yes, we have tons here.  Actually, in a few months the sister missionaries will out number the Elders!! Isn't that crazy!!  I have no idea why.  There are a lot but hey, they're good workers.
Q.  Have you ever gotten to see Elder Vital and his mother there?  (Elder Vital was Gabe's companion while he was assigned to the Salt Lake City East Mission. He is from Juarez and returned home there in February.)
A. I have, actually.  I saw him pass by in a car and he yelled "Cassy!!".  That's what he calls me, haha.  He emails me. I haven’t like personally talked with him yet. I'm far away from where he lives. 
Q.  Have you gotten the letters and packages that we've sent to the El Paso address?
A. I have not.  I got one from Eva and Graham.  It takes longer cause we live farther away and when we go into Juarez we don't go to the mission office because it's even further away. Our district meeting is on the edge of Juarez with the other missionaries.  I reckon I'll get it soon. 
Q.  Do you have air conditioning in the place where you live?
A. Yes and no. If you count a fan as that, then yes. That's all we have. We have a bunk bed and I sleep on top. I don't use blankets any more.  It's warm enough to sleep without for the whole night. 
Q.  Is the water in your house OK, or do you have to drink bottled water?
A. The water deal - OK, so they have these, it's called "Water House" and yes, it's in English, haha.  We go and fill a huge blue garrafon, it's called, a big big jug thing of water and we fill it up and take it. It's purified water. If we take water from the tap we will get sick. It's happened a lot to the other elders. 
I like it here because we've got a lot of people from the church that are in lots of these businesses and help us.  For example, this guy, his name is Jorge, he speaks English.  He lived in the US for a while and his Dad is the patriarch. He works with the water stuff and he's in charge so we get it for free. It's like 8 pesos, so it's basically like 60 or so cents in the US. It's dirt cheap. Also, at the store here, well, a little tiny store thing, there's no word in English, I don’t think. But the owner is the family where we wash clothes, so she lets us get Gatorade for free and whatever we need. Also, the man in charge of the, like, idk how you say it, like governor or something guy, is Mormon and he controls lots of the police force and he's pretty high up there, so that helps a lot.  And like three people work in this government building that we can go to for maps and just tons of help. We got everyone for everything we need. The Bishop's wife cuts hair and she cut mine and it's so nice! FOR FREE!!!!! So that's some stuff. haha. LOVE YOU DAD!


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  1. Such an optimist! Somehow he's the one still cheering all of us up! That's our Gabe. So glad to hear they are taking care of him.