Sunday, November 9, 2014

Brown American

Hey! So we had transfers and my companion is Elder Cruz, haha.   He is pretty cool.  He is from Chiapas, Mexico.  It's the very bottom part of Mexico.  He has barely completed 13 months in the mission. He reminds me of Hector.  He acts like him, but as a Mormon, and his expressions are the same, haha.  He speaks another dialect.  It's so cool, haha.

We have also had a lot of meetings this week in Juarez and some with President, which were pretty awesome and way powerful.  We're receiving more help here as well. There are so many missionaries and sister missionaries. It's funny cause the Americans come to me and start speaking Spanish, but it's funny because they're from the MTC and they ask me where I'm from and I act like I don’t understand because of their accent.  Then some begin to laugh with the other Americans and I'm like "Just kidding, man, I speak English. I'm from Utah!" and they're all like WAHHHHH WOOOOOAAAA haha. It's funny because that’s the last thing they expect from a brown elder like me. haha.

The other Mexican elders here say I know like 90% Spanish.  Some say it's from like 80 to 90-something % Spanish, haha.  I am getting better.   But nah, it's awesome here. I feel better.  Idk, just havin' hope and doing everything possible to be the best missionary that I can be.

We're singing in a choir for a stake meeting and we sing with the sister missionaries and some of the youth that are from the stake.  Oh, man, it's pure power!  it's so awesome.

I hope you're all doing great!  Did you have a good Halloween?  I didn't even remember it was Halloween until we got home from the reunion with our president.  Haha, I totally forgot. Well, I hope you have a great week, you all. Also, keep studyin' and prayin'.  I pray for you all.  Have fun!

Elder Castleton

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