Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hey, thanks everybody for all those replies and comments. I love you all. I actually gave a talk in church yesterday and oh, man, it was powerful.  It was about the conversion that we have.  It was awesome.

This week also went better. I’m focusing in who I can be here as a Preach My Gospel missionary, and how I can help the new missionaries, because there are so many new missionaries. Nothing can stop me now. I'm doing a lot better.

I'm learning a lot and I have a story.  Remember when i was sick?  Well, it was for a couple days and idk why but we didn’t even think of giving a blessing.  But I asked the 3 other missionaries if they could give me a blessing, because the pills and meds just weren’t working.  So my companion and the other two elders gave me a blessing and in about 10-15 minutes I was back to normal.  I was healed.  A week before when my companion was sick I gave him a blessing and and in about 20 mins he felt better.  His temperature was at 40.  They said it was dangerous and he was really sick with lots of things but it was a testimony that God loves.  I learned that.  He loves us, and if we have faith in him and act on that faith everything is possible.  Faith and hope and charity, oh, man, so powerful those are.  I know the priesthood is here on the earth again.

There are so many stories I wanna share with you all, just I'd rather tell you in person. Through email it's harder.  But I'm doing better and I feel stronger spiritually.  I've gotta be an example here for these missionaries. I just love this work. Well I got to go.  I didn’t have much time but I love you all. I hope you can have spiritual experiences every day.  Also find someone to help as well and to preach this amazing gospel. I love you all.

Elder Castleton

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  1. You are amazing Elder Castleton! Your testimony and experiences are an inspiration to us. We love you and pray for you every day.
    Lavon and Eldred