Sunday, November 23, 2014

Transferred After All

Hey, how y'all doin?  SO we had transfers, well, more transfers.  We transferred our area!  I'm no longer in Caseta!  Due to the safety problem. It's getting pretty bad there. They took us out.  I'm in an area called Tierra Nueva 2 with the same companion.  It's pretty cool and there is a ton of work here.  I feel good here. My companion and I are doin' good.

Thanks so much for the birthday package! It was amazing!! Our house here is a lot cooler. We've got a couch as well, and a cool lamp that has a little waterfall thing.  I'll take a picture next time, haha.  So basically I've got to start over here. It's a good area and, well, we're gonna see what happens.  But yea, things here are good.  There are 4 of us in a ward, 4 missionaries, and one of the other missionaries is from Utah.  He's funny.  He has 3 weeks in the mission and it's so weird for him.  I'm helping him with his Spanish.  Of the 4 missionaries here I'm the oldest with time in the misson.  Haha, yea, its pretty cool. So in Caseta they just took us out, so we left the investigators and everything.  Kinda sad, but it's for the good.

So how's everybody doing!??  How's the cold over there?  Here it's so cold, and it's dry air as well, haha, but we're warm.  Well, I gotta go.  We didn’t get much time today but next week I'll remember to bring my camera, haha.  But have a great week and stay warm!!!  Love you all!!

Elder Castleton

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