Monday, March 3, 2014

A Little Juarez History

A little more history about Juarez - It was worse like 2 years ago. The cartel fights with each other and now one cartel won. So they are just selling and stuff but now it's more calm so I feel so much better but it's still not too safe. The police are always driving around crazy and it's sad but it's strange. They basically send the police to their death. The cartel out numbers them and are more powerful but the police's job is to make sure it doesn't start like shooting the civilians. So the police aren't that much of a help. They help but the cartel is much more stronger. Anyways, yea, people don't do anything. Like we have neighbors that are growing stuff but nobody tells cause they die. And I found out how some of the cartel knows a lot. It's because some work for the police. 

We have more investigators! So we are gonna ask this boy, he is 15, to be baptized this week! Please pray for him to accept!! Maybe other investigators. We have about 42 active members in our ward. Our ward in Utah has half that many missionaries out! There are so many less actives. It's crazy. We learned most people in Mexico fall away because they don't understand God. or Jesus. It's true. We have been talking and teaching about it and the people still get confused. They don't understand. We are working so hard here trying to find more people and to teach more. We had our investigator Alejandro come to church. He loved it and wants to keep coming.

It is very hot here. It's like Utah in the end of spring almost mid summer. They say hell comes in April and ends in September. They say it literally is like hell here. I am kinda scared. I'm so hot and sweaty now I can't even imagine it in 2 months. It's crazy. I'm like drowning my self in water and electrolytes. 

Anyways I'm learning lots of stuff. New gospel things. My companion is a computer and just a genius in general with the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He knows like every detail. It's awesome. I found out why I'm brown or dark skinned. It's a curse!!! ahhhhh!! hehehe Read 2 Nefi chap 5 I believe or 4. It's cool. anyways....

I love it out here. Lots of work, lots of work. I also didn't know that you have to be married to be a god, like to create your own world. Anyways keep studying and praying. Pray for missionary opportunities. Love you all! Bye!

Elder Castleton

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