Sunday, March 23, 2014

Teaching Challenges

Hey!! everybody how it be goin?  How you people be doin? GOOD? good.  I am very goooood. Nice to meet you. Happy birthday. I speak English.... righ? 

This week has been very good. We found lot of persons, and it's awesome! Lots of teaching. I am lovin it here. Although Juarez is sketchy sometimes, it's awesome. Lots of the houses are really poor, like poor, poor shack houses. 

Question: So maybe Jeremy knows this, idk.  So when we have people ask us why we can't have coffee or tea, we try the best we can to explain why, and praying, all that good stuff, but they just say "Yea, well, some coffee is good or tea is good for you."  And its just hard.  Any ideas to help me? 

Teaching is going good other than that. These people are insane. If you don't know your Bible they're just gonna, hmmm, idk how to say it in English. Well, they won't listen to just the Book of Mormon. So I'm still studying the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, obviously.  But the Jehovah Witnesses are the hardest to teach or convince. Catholics are hard, well, harder than the other Christians. but Jehovah Witnesses are the hardest. They will bash your face in with the Bible, haha, it's crazy. One lesson we had with a member and us three, we just got bashed by this investigator and my companion knows a lot and he was a tremendous help but still they have way different thinking styles.  I've noticed the Americans, or more specifically missionaries from Utah, haha, we kinda are bad teachers when it comes to the religions here because the Mexicans here know tons of the other religions and we're like ugh, idk... haha.  But it's hard if you come down here just to hit em with the Book of Mormon. Oh, they will destroy you, haha. So I'm in the middle of getting the Bible thrown at my face and learning how to basically counter what they're saying.  In a nice genuine manner.

I think I spelled that wrong, well many words wrong.  Speaking of, it's hard to type English because even though there is English here it's all mixed up. For example, "tengo sed" means I am thirsty but it really means "I have thirst." or tengo hambre - I have hunger. Things like that.  I'm starting to speak it like it's really like that. Well, I know it will get worse. They say all the missionaries go home and they understand English but can't speak it. That's gonna be me. 

Well, everything else is great! It's getting hotter. It's basically the middle of summer for us down here. And they say it's nothing - it's like the beginning of the beginning.  So basically I'm gonna die. They say also they lose soo much weight cause you want water more than food. haha   So if I come home skinny, just know that it's because I'm dying over here and drinking tons of water. Well, I hope everything over there is going great. I will try to send pics! Love you all! 

Elder Castleton

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