Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Companion, New Adventures

Hey! We are finding more and more people every day! the boy's parents, Alejandro, we are teaching his mom and dad. His mom is very receptive, and is very curious. Maybe we will baptize her, too!

 I am doing great! It is pretty hot here! It will keep getting more hot. Also my companion is awesome!! He is a genius! He knows like every second that passed in the Bible and Book of Mormon, haha. He's helping me learn more.  He's very very smart. He's cool. and I'm learning more things fast.  He's probably my favorite companion, jajaja. So in lessons there are lots of people that try to Bible bash us and they just have tons of theories and he just well....BOOM! And they're like wow, OK. Hahaha, it's funny. 

We officially have been in a drug cartel house!  It was very creepy! We were walking and these two drunk guys came up to us and said they wanted to change so we're talking to them and stuff and we said we can come by and visit and he's like "No, come to my house and see". I'm like "We gotta go" though and he was starting to get mad so I'm like "OK, we will go see where it is". So we go and he says "Come, come see" and stuff. I'm like "Elder, I got a bad feeling."  He says "I know, but they're drunk and they can't chase us if we run."  So we go through the gate and we see his house and we're being all happy and stuff, getting his mind focused and talking about how we can help.  In his house is beer and marijuana and lots of drugs. It smelled so weird.  He even told us straight up he's addicted to drinking and drugs. We tried to help and he just kept saying "yo se, yo se, yo se" (I know, I know) and also "tengo todo!! yo tengo todo! haha" (I have everything! haha) and after a while we felt like OK, we need to leave, so we left. And were not going back again. There are lots of creepy people. But we're careful. We've got the Lord on our side.  Anyways, that was a creepy experience. haha 

Every p-day we play soccer in our zone. Oh, by the way my companion is a district leader. And we play soccer.  It's fun. We're trying to get more people to attend church and have the members help us with finding people, and having them have missionary opportunities. I hope all over there is going good! I miss Utah and you guys. but I need to be here. Well, I got to go. Love you all! Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Castleton

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