Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Companion

Hey, sorry it's late in email but we had transfers!!!!!! I have a new companion. His name is Elder Santiago. he is from Puebla (near Mexico City) like Hector Merino. My other companion is in Casas Grandes now. I am showing my companion the area here and everything. He is funny. He is shorter than me. I think I'm taller now anyways but.... All is good. We are getting to know each other. I was talking to some new Elders and they don't speak Spanish and It was sooooo hard to speak English....I'll speak like Spanglish. It was hard to talk. Cause I think in Spanish first before English. 

Sunday was at least 90 something degrees!!! I about died. I'm like "Elder, carry me, I can't go on....It's so hot!!"  Summer, I know for fact I am going to die. I just know. I drink a lot of water. The problem is the water down here isn't that good so we have filters in our water bottles and it takes forever to drink enough water to get you goin. 

I think were gonna baptize a few families.  We are so close, well my other companion and I were, but my companion now is really good. He has 18 months in his mission. OH, GUESS WHAT!!! I met Elder HALLSTEAD!!! Brynn's brother!!!! He's here. He was in Casas Grandes, I think. Then he moved up here and he's a zone leader. It was awesome!! 

DAD how's it like working with the missionaries? What ideas do you have to help missionaries that I could benefit from? Since you were ward mission leader. I am praying for everyone over there. I hope you are all doing well. Oh, my companion speaks English so its pretty chill. How is the promised land(Utah)?? I miss the green green. Or there now I guess snow. Nobody has grass or lots of trees here, it's just rocks and dirt. The new Elders are like freaking out. They're like "Where am I?"  hahaha I'm like "Your home for the next two years. This is yo home, buddy." 

Dad, how many lecciones do the Elders there teach every week? We're teaching about 60 lecciones. (Note from Dad: The missionaries here are happy to teach 6 lessons in a week.)  That's pretty grand. I feel so weird that I speak Spanish.... like I'm not completely perfect or fluent, but I understand and speak it 24/7.  It's weird. I dream and think in Spanish.  I miss home but I'm happy here. I love working.  It's fun. I love speaking Spanish to people everywhere. It's fun. 

How is Daria? Doin better? How's Suzy? She doin good in her play? idk what you even call it. How's Ma? I love mom. She is the best. She is a great example. I forgot to mention I think that Elder Hoyos of the Seventy came and taught us in a reunion for missionaries. He's grand. Anybody have questions or comments?????? Love you all. have a great week!


  1. Gabe sounds so busy doing the work of the Lord. We are so proud of his great determination and commitment to the work.

  2. I love the "how's mom, I love mom"
    Good job, Kathy. It doesn't get better than that!